Thursday, December 31, 2009

Creepy Water Dream

Date: December 28, 2009
Category: Dream

A disturbing dream the other night. I can't shake the creepy emotions of the dream, which had a very strong "invisible alien" UFO vibe to it, even though no UFOs or aliens were seen in the dream.

In the dream, I'm:

in the kitchen of the house I grew up on Sherbourne Drive in Los Angeles. I'm me, now, kind of, but in typical dream logic also younger, in my late twenties, maybe. It's nighttime, I can see the inky prussian blue sky outside the kitchen window, and the overhead kitchen light is on. The light bothers me; it's very bright and harsh. Everything is out of the kitchen, except for what I assume is the big silver refrigerator behind me (ours was green, and then we had a brown one, but never silver) and the kitchen is flooded with water. The water comes up to my ankles. I'm trying to mop the water up with an old fashioned type of mop, but it's a big job. I can't leave; something, or someone, is keeping me here. I feel like I'm in a fairy tale, where the job must be done, as dictated by the non-human creature: fairy, elf, troll, witch, etc. I'm kind of like Alice; growing taller, the kitchen is becoming smaller. I have the acute sense that a UFO is just outside, and the aliens -- those small, invisible spindly little creatures that I can't see but know, without any doubt, are there -- are watching me.

I just remembered that before going to sleep, I did my intent thing of trying to get at some of this UFO stuff in my life, retrieve some information, memories, of experiences.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fun With Triangle Drawing

A few years ago I was playing around with manipulated images of UFO themed drawings that I'd done,inspired by my own sightings. Here's one of the triangle I saw in Dexter, Oregon, many years ago.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Orange Orb: UFO Hunter's 'Dark Presence' Episode and Wolf Dream

I wrote this for UFO Magazine's blog last night, after watching UFO Hunter's episode on the orange orb sightings. I found that what the witnesses were describing matched much of my own sighting of an orange orb many years ago in Eugene, Oregon:

The Orange Orb: UFO Hunter's "Dark Presence" Episode

Watching this episode of UFO Hunters ("Dark Presence") about the orange orb UFOs seen in recent months was an intensely personal experience for me because of my own orange orb sighting.

It seems that witnesses have been seeing orange (and sometimes green or other colored) orb UFOs. These are not orbs as in spirit orbs, which are very different, but spheres -- round objects -- that are craft, or machine, or something "nuts and bolts."

These sightings are occurring now, but go back a ways as well. One woman who appeared, her identity disguised, saw one of these orbs when she was child. My own sighting took place over twenty-five years ago in Oregon.

There are many parallels to my orange orb sighting -- and the sighting that started me on my path of exploration into UFOs -- and the ones discussed in the UFO Hunters episode. Many witnesses reported feelings of dread, of fear, though some had experienced feelings of elation, upon seeing these orbs. I had both: feelings of a happy intrigue when I first saw the orb, and a real goofy, almost psychedelic response right after seeing it. And yet, even though I actually walked to the front door after going inside, with the intent of going back outside to look for the orb, I couldn't do it. I couldn't open the door. I remember thinking how odd it was that here I just saw an incredible thing -- experienced an incredible thing -- yet couldn't make myself go out to look further. I also had the most terrifying dreams of my life right after seeing the orb. These dreams were always the same: I'm paralyzed inside a brilliant white beam of light that is so bright I can almost see through things. There is something huge above me, some kind of object. My husband is nearby but has been taken from me and I'm screaming for him, for "them" to return us to. . . or get us out of, wherever the hell we are.

These orbs were described by witnesses as being basket ball sized, or even larger, like a beach ball. That's exactly how I've been describing the size of the orb I saw all these years. Witnesses also said they felt a premonition, or some kind of telepathic communication between the orb and themselves; I also had that experience when I first saw the orb. I had glanced up having noticed the orb, which I estimated to be about a mile away. I had the distinct feeling it was waiting for me, and as soon as I thought "What the hell is that thing?" it zoomed right to me, following us along the road. As we turned the corner to go home (our house was right around the corner) the orb stopped for a moment above a house across the road from us, then just sank down, "landing" in their backyard. Similar behavior was reported by witnesses on the UFO Hunters episode.

People have asked me if there were lights on this thing, and I've always described as a real, physical craft (as opposed to a cloud, or a spirit orb, etc.) and no lights on it, or around it, but lit from within. Witnesses on UFO Hunters described their orbs the same way.

Missing time was mentioned by at least one witness; I also experienced missing time in connection with this orb.

On this last point, there's something very strange. To this day, after countless discussions, my husband and I still differ on some things. These points where of disagreement were brought up again as we were watching UFO Hunters. He insisted we saw the orange orb when we lived on Hilyard street... I had to remind him of the detail of that sighting, which happened when we were on Friendly street. He seemed to then remember that yes, we were living on Friendly street when we saw the orange orb, but the missing time happened when we were on Hilyard, during a different UFO sighting. But neither of us can remember where we were coming from when we saw the orb. Where had we been? Why can't we remember? It was dark when we saw the orb; where would we be coming from in that direction? We were on our way in back to town when we saw the orange orb-- so where were we? We don't know. Does this mean we have had three episodes of missing time?

Recently, I posted on my blog The Orange Orb my experiment of trying to remember these missing time events. Maybe with focused intent, through dreams and other methods, I can uncover what happened.

When I had my orb sighting all those years ago, I read every book I could find on UFOs. I found all kinds of fascinating information, but nothing that came close to describing what I saw. Yet UFO Hunters showed us that these orb sightings have been experienced by many, and are happening now.

Was the orb I saw the same kind of orb talked about in UFO Hunters? Sounds like it. While the time line is different -- mine was over twenty-five years ago, and, from what I could find at the time, didn't seem to match up with any reports -- there were witnesses who'd seen orbs long ago, as well as more recently.

Lots of speculation on what the orbs are of course from witnesses and researchers, but we can't say for sure. What did I see that night? An orange orb lit from within, the size of a beach ball, that followed me, seemed to be waiting for me, could read my thoughts. Where did it come from, who made it and why, what did it want -- those are questions I have no answer for, even after all these years.

Post script: I wrote this last night right after watching the UFO Hunters episode. That same night I had the following dream that, while no UFO or alien was present, or even alluded to, had a very strong UFO vibe to it. When I woke up, the first thought I had was a clear "That was about my orb sighting. . . "

Nervous Wolves

It's nighttime, and very, very dark. Ink black. I'm outside the house I live in, which is a white, small little building -- there is only an upstairs, like a small apartment, that is reached by a narrow flight of stairs. The stairs are inside, in other words, they're surrounded by walls. There's nothing underneath, just the covered stairs leading up to the apartment, which sits on a little hill. This place is surrounded by woods, the trees are bare. It's impossible to see into the woods since it is so dark.

For some reason, I'm outside the house/apartment. I'm surrounded by my "pets" which are wolves, and wolf hybrids. The wolves are very nervous, agitated. Even though these animals are "mine" we have an odd relationship. I find myself wondering why I have wolf hybrids as pets, since I don't think people should own such animals (neither wolves, or, hybrids) and I would never own such beings. Yet I've ended up with them somehow. They are my protectors in some ways, yet are also unpredictable. I'm a little wary around them.

I'm also concerned, they're skinny. I wonder why, have I not been feeding them properly? Then again, some of them have just sort of shown up from "out there" and joined us. I feel responsible for them.

So here we are, out in the ink black night, starless, on a grayish hill of parched grass. Something awful has happened in the woods, many of the wolves come running up, and we all run up the stairs into the house. There is a man in uniform kneeling down inside, working on something, some kind of control panel or machine or something. He's human and kind of creepy. I tell him he has to do something, that there's some kind of creature out there attacking my wolves. "Maybe a rabid raccoon, I don't know, something, but we have to kill it" I say. He ignores me, he's pretty cold. There's also something about another man who kind of sneaks off, thinking I didn't notice. I also wonder what the hell these guys are doing in this, "my" house, but I also know that they're in charge. Since they're in charge, I demand they protect us, fix things. But they don't.

All I care about are my wolves, and myself of course. . . just save us, get us the hell out of here, and take care of that nasty thing out there that's trying to hurt these poor wolves who aren't hurting anyone.

That's the end of the dream, or, all I remember.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Letter P in a Triangle: Gift from the Aliens

Location: Los Angeles,California: West Hollywood
Date: approximately 1977
Category: Dreams

I had this dream during a strange time in Los Angeles. I was interested in UFOs, as with most things paranormal or Fortean, but didn't know much about those things. I hadn't recalled any conscious UFO sighting or experience at the time. And yet, looking back, there was a lot of UFO stuff going on around the edges; missing time, strange dreams like my Geisha Woman dream, etc. One dream I had involved the following:
I'm inside a spaceship. I'm not paritucalry scared, but am confused. There is the definite presence of aliens, though I can't see them. It's very important, this "meeting" and I tell them I want to remember this, bring something back. I'm handed (again by unseen beings) a pendant, of sorts. It's a triangle but with rounded corners, and a symbol that is similar to the letter P. Almost like a runic P, but not a rune.

I take the pendant back with me, but upon landing, or returning, the pendant disappears in front of me, right in my very hands. It just dematerializes.
This dream seemed very important and I remember I wrote it down at the time, complete with a sketch of the pendant. Over three decades ago, who knows what's happened to whatever journal I had at the time, and, as I said, I wasn't cognizant of abductions, the UFO phenomena in any depth, etc.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Candy and Jellyfish Sky

Category: Dream
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Date: July 29, 2009
Keywords: sea life, cloaking, UFOs, disinformation, cover-ups, sky beings

A very active, involved, epic dream adventure last night; here's one "episode" about UFOs:

I'm outside, daylight, with a group of about a dozen people. I'm in the neighborhood where I grew up in Los Angeles, a few residential streets away from my house. However, I'm "me" now, an adult, with my husband here, not a child. I look up in the sky, which is full of huge white puffy clouds, just lovely, though the clouds seem kind of low. We can almost reach out and touch them.

Then I see several huge jellyfish in the sky swarming right above us. This is so amazing, so beautiful! They're about the size of orcas, they're dancing and swirling and "swimming" in the sky/clouds. I get everyone's attention and we watch the jellyfish, then it dawns on us that "Hey, wait just a minute . . . jellyfish don't belong in the sky!" I, we, quickly understand that the jellyfish aren't "real" jellyfish but UFOs. I suddenly seem to be full of knowledge that the jellyfish appearance is "how they cloak themselves" I tell everyone. "They've been doing this for years," I say.

Someone asks, "Shouldn't we tell someone, like the police?" and I say that it wouldn't do any good, they already know all about it, and won't do anything.

After a little bit, the jellyfish begin to change. First one, then the other, they either disappear by just "blinking out," or they change form. From a breathtaking creature of nature, to a garish cartoony image of candy, the sky has now become a billboard of sorts, advertising candy with silly goofy images, like the blue M&M's doll, things like that.

"Oh," everyone laughs, relieved. "It's just an ad for candy!"

I can still see, faintly, a few jellyfish/UFOs in the sky, but they've gone dim and are in the background a bit. I tell everyone "No, you're wrong! That's what they want you to think! It's not real."

Someone says "Of course they're not real; it's a commercial for candy!"

Exasperated, I say "Not that! I mean, the jellyfish are real, it's the candy that isn't!"

"Why would the jellyfish pretend to be candy?" Someone asks me, suspiciously, as if I've somehow caused the whole thing. Worse, that I'm up to no good.

Somehow I know things I didn't realized I knew, as if the jellyfish are sending information to my head. "I mean, the government knows about the jellyfish, and they're using the candy to distract us from the jellyfish UFOs."

At that moment, dozens of brightly colored, over sized candy images drop from the sky onto the sidewalk. Dolls, figures, walking talking boxes, etc. of various candy types line up on the sidewalk right in front of us, hold hands, and start dancing and singing.

Everyone is delighted with this garish and silly display. "See!" someone turns to me, sneering. "It's just a cute candy ad; nothing weird about it."

Meanwhile, the jellyfish are still up there; faint, but there. I try once again to convince them they're not really seeing what they think they are, or, that they're not seeing at all, but I've been dismissed. (The only person who sees the truth is my husband, but he's shouted down as well whenever he tries to support what I'm saying.)

Later, I briefly wonder why, if the jellyfish don't want to be seen, are they appearing as jellyfish in the sky? Isn't that contrary to where jellyfish reside? Then again, this reversal of jellyfish habitat might be so that we do pay attention. After all, they're aware that they will be denied, so appearing as jellyfish or some other out of place object would be sure to get noticed.

Well, that's that!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Silver Suited Aliens

I have an article in the current issue of UFO Magazine about Silver Suited Aliens. Here's an oil pastel drawing I did a few years ago of a being I saw in California when I was about four years old. And here's a link to my recent item on Aliens vs. Bigfoot on my blog Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Visitors

Category: Painting
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Date: about 1990

I never saw anything like this of course but the image just came to me one day, asking to be painted. I had fun doing it. I was just getting into the whole UFO abduction/alien realm, and it was after my experiences with the "orange orb" and missing time. It's acrylic painted on masonite (the rough side) and measures about 24" x 30"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

"Giant Crab From Space" Adventures in the Trance State

Date: June 12, 2009
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Category: dreams, trance, meditation, astral plane, symbols

Link to Alien Seeker News of space visions dancing in my head during a light trance state: Giant Crab From Space: Adventures in a Trance State.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shared Experiences, Connections

Category: Craft, desert sightings, nighttime sightings, shared experiences
Location: California, Arizona
Date: 1950s, 1980s

I have an article at UFO Digest right now that discusses the connections I and my husband have regarding the UFO phenomena, our childhood experiences, etc. "Like You, You Probably Were Abducted . . ."

Speaking of connections among people that know each other, or families. . . my uncle and his family had a sighting in the California desert in the 1950s, not sure of the exact date. Typical, almost: night, alone out there in the middle of nowhere, huge light comes from out of nowhere, follows them, hangs out for awhile above their car, then zooms off. My husband's cousins, along with a group of friends, had a similar experience in the Arizona desert, at night, with a green beam of light coming down from the craft to the surface of the desert floor. Believe me, if you know this individual, he does not elaborate or make things up; very straight as an arrow kind of person.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alien Ant Watercolor

This was originally posted on my The Orange Orb blog in June of 2008.

Untitled, watercolor 1979? by James Rich

This painting is a watercolor Jim did many years ago, when we were first together. I remember when he painted it. It's a small watercolor on paper; about 18" by 18". He was going through his old portfolios last night and found it.

I told him it was an "interesting painting" and that it reminded me of an alien; some kind of alien painting. He said he had no idea what was going on when he painted that; what he was thinking or why he painted it. No recollection of the inspiration or what he was trying to do.

He asked me what I meant by "alien painting" I said, well, it immediately, for some reason, just screamed alien and spaceship at me. I have the impression the ant is female, very large, "alien," and is holding something, some sort of tablet. Jim looked at it and said he saw what I meant. I reminded Jim of all the giant insect alien stories; usually praying mantis type creatures, or giant grasshopper type beings some speak about in connection with UFO encounters. After he looked at it he said it reminded him of a female being as well; probably because of the way it's sitting and the long robe or whatever it is it/she is wearing.

It was at that time that Jim and I were experiencing a lot of unusual UFO events, including an episode of missing time. I had my "Geisha Woman Alien" dream during that time frame.

Speaking of alien insectoid beings, in a bit of synchronicity I was listening to George Noory last night on C2C. (By the way, say what you will about him, and I have, he is a goof ball in many ways, but he was defending the medical marijuana use law in California, so good for him) and he and a caller were sharing praying mantis stories. Not in the context of aliens or UFOs however, more mundane than that. And earlier today I read Richard Thomas Room 101 column on Binnall of America, where he writes about Ghosts, Aliens, Yeti and the Late Great Nigel Kneale British "father" of sci fi television and movies. Which inspired me to post something on my blog Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch with this image:

I'm deathly, pathologically afraid of insects. I had some chilling experiences as a child -- I won't go there, far too personal and wrapped up in family dysfunction abuse horrors -- but at the same time, I don't like to see people just stomp on insects for no reason. (There was also a weird event in Crescent City, California, involving a Japanese beetle, alcoholic abusers though not to me, hmm, a theme here I see, and I kid you not, a real life scene with "Deliverance" type redneck hillbillies, complete with shotguns and a truck full of pitbulls. But I digress.) (And there was another thing with a bumble bee when I was a kid, and my sister as well, I found out years later, that has to do with missing time and high strangeness.)I'll certainly go out of my way to kill bugs in the house, depending on what kind; wasps, etc. Others I take outside. Well, okay, I try to get Jim to take them outside, but the point is, I don't like killing things if I can help it.

Well, that all took a weird turn, I see. As disjointed as all this might seem, one thing stands out: a conflicting relationship with insects. I like some of them, they're pretty, many are harmless, etc. Others I am fearful of to the point of vomiting. People with encounters with giant insectiod alien beings report both terrifying experiences, as well as ones of learning, wisdom and beauty. Why this contrast? Are our mundane encounters a relfection, on a symbolic level, of these experiences?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Night Visitor" Painting of a Childhood Memory

Night Visitor, Regan Lee 1990
acrylic on Masonite

This is a painting I did several years ago. At that time, I was trying to paint images of beings/visitors from my childhood. The ones I tried to do of the "aliens" that floated me out the door always ended up like stick figures, with inverted triangle/oval outlines for the face, but no features. I realized the other day I've made many paintings and drawings of figures, usually female forms, with these inverted triangle/oval faces, always featureless. I seem to place them alone in a room by a window revealing a night sky.

The painting shown here is a little underexposed, but it's the only image I have right now; the painting is big and heavy (painted on a large thick piece of Masonite) and packed away somewhere. I just started painting it; I remember feeling compelled and it just all came out very quickly; this large "Night Visitor" and at the time, the full title was "Night Visitor on Sherbourne Street" (even though the name was actually Sherbourne Drive but I thought Street sounded better.) That was the house I lived in in Los Angeles between the ages of six to about fourteen, and the house where the fuzzy puppet wolves and beings that floated me out the door came.

As to this being in the painting, I never saw anything like this, but I remember the feeling. . . it's as if the image came up from my subconscious in a very vivid and strong way and represents something that has a connection to all this.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Silver Spinning UFO

Category: UFO sighting, missing time, screen memory
Location: Lorane Highway, outside of Eugene, Oregon
Date: late 1980s

This is a photo of the field where Jim and I saw a silver, spinning, hovering UFO. This photo was taken a few weeks ago; the sightings occured in the late 1980s, but, considering the changes in tree lines, etc. it's still pretty accurate. In fact, while we were standing there, discussing the sighting and taking pictures, we both got very anxious.

The UFO was a dull silver color; it was very low and hovering, spinning or rotating in place. A white beam of light was coming down onto the field from the underside of the object. It was still light outside; late afternoon.

This sighting has a lot of high strangeness; missing time, screen memories or cover memories -- for example, to this day we still disagree about what the events were before and after the sighting -- and so on. The only thing we are absolutely in agreement about is the fact we saw this thing, remember it and the location, and remember commenting how very weird it was. We remember driving by, slowing down, wondering if we should stop and get out and look, and wanting to, but at the same time, being very adamant we should do no such thing. We kept driving.

The photo below is a bit silly; it's a Christmas tree ornament, and shinier than the UFO we saw. Also, the UFO we saw was more of a flattened oval, not a sphere. But you get the idea.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Multi-Layered Sleep Walking?

Category: dreams, astral plane, altered state, limbo, missing time
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: 1965

This incident happened when I was eleven. I woke up for school, got dressed, ate,never once realizing how weird it was no one else was up yet. I go into my mother's bedroom, where she's still asleep. I woke her up to tell her it was time to go to school. She was both very irritated and surprised. She said to me "What are you talking about?! It's four o'clock in the morning!" I insisted it wasn't; I remember looking at the clock and seeing it as 8:30, but she had to tell me a few times the real time before a shift happened in my head, and then I saw that it was the real time.

I remember this very clearly; getting up, getting dressed by the heater. We set out our uniforms the night before in front of the heater, to stay warm while we dressed. Our house was a two bedroom, one bath house, with at least five people living in it, sometimes more, depending. (other relatives, etc.) I remember getting dressed and going about everything very matter of factly, never once thinking how weird it was that no one else was up.

Sleepwalkers don't remember their excursions. I'm not sure this was sleepwalking, since I didn't have a sleepwalking problem, and I remember the whole thing quite clearly, awake the whole time. Yet looking at the clock and seeing "my" time not the real time, not at all concerned no one else was up, etc.

Monday, February 9, 2009

One Hell of a Heavy Dream About Aliens

Category: Dream
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Date: February 2009

Last night I had a very intense and vivid dream; a lucid dream (waking up during the dream commenting that I had to be sure to write it down and tell it to others when I awoke) and I even woke up during the dream, went back to sleep, and continued the dream.


I'm talking with my mother, who tells me she ran into the woman who lived next door to us when we were kids.(we lived in Los Angeles, time frame would be the early 1960s.) The woman "Mrs. Smith" told my mom she had reclaimed a patch of yard from behind our shed.

At first, I didn't know what mom was talking about. My mother was insistent: "Remember, you and grandma would go back there and do stuff, plant things." No, I didn't remember. It wouldn't make sense for us to go back there and "plant things" since it was dark and overgrown, and not much room.

(In real life, we did have a neighbor, we did have a long narrow shed that we rarely used or went in back of. There were some overgrown bushes completely covering a fence; a house in back of that, and Mrs. Smith's on one side, an alley or walkway on the other and the alley behind that.)

After a lot of pressing on my mother's part, I did remember. And I became unglued. For yes, I did remember: going back there with my grandmother all right. I remembered the abuse; the sexual abuse that went on back there.

I couldn't believe it. I was devastated. In the dream, I was crying, all these memories just came flooding in. I was screaming at my mother: "All these years, all these years! And why now, at this late age? Why now, after so much time, do I finally remember this horrible past?!"

I am just so ... angry, and sad. And yet somehow I'm not surprised. In the dream, I say that I have to tell others, and deal with this.

A few days go by. My mom and I are in the house we grew up in (the one where, in "real life" she saw a UFO, and where I had my interactions with the "puppet wolves" and my "invisible aliens.") I tell her I have something extremely important to tell her -- to show her. I am agitated. Scared. I have a sense of urgency.

She asks me if it's about my grandmother, and what happened behind the shed. Yes, I say, but. . .

I remembered, a sort of dream within the dream that, yes, my grandmother and I did go behind the shed, but it wasn't abuse. She did not abuse me.

She and I had interactions with aliens. We'd go back there to meet with them.

Then I showed my mother drawings I made of what they looked like. Oddly enough, not of their faces -- it seems even in dreams I can't remember their faces -- but drawings of their hands, which were sort of claw like, semi-webbed hands, and their clothing, wide, red sleeves stopping just short of their wrists. I show her these drawings I've made, in colored pencil, that I've scanned into the computer. I'm scrolling through on the laptop, showing her drawing after drawing.

I am shocked that I remember this in such detail and it all comes back to me, after all these years, and in such a spontaneous way. I am not happy; this isn't a good thing and it's scary. I realize I have to tell people. In fact, in the dream I speak with one UFO researcher who tells me it's unusual to have "spontaneous recall" in such detail. He's surprised I remember this without being hypnotized.

I keep saying to my mother things like: "This shit really happened! It really happened! That's what was going on back there!"

I don't like this at all. Not at all.

Well, dreams are strange. Relating dreams are always tricky, for one thing, most people (at least in this culture) think they're boring, unless they're your own. And it's impossible to convey the emotional strength, the intensity of a dream. In this dream, the emotions were just overwhelming, along with the fear.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Synchronicity of Fuzzy Puppet Wolves

Category: Dreams, shared experiences, entities
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: 1950s - 1960s

This was originally published on Tim Binnall's Binnall of America website for my Trickster's Realm column, July, 2007.

The Synchronicity of Fuzzy Puppet Wolves

When I was a child, I’d intentionally wait for “them.” “They” didn’t come until I was ready; until I had gone through all the little steps. Going through the little steps, the delicious wait, and then the floating through the bedroom door, the hall door, the front door and outside and up into the starry sky, was a happy time.

I had to be in bed, flat on my back. Concentrate on the warm yellow light shining under the bedroom door. Then “they” came, several of them, oh, at least four, and somewhere I was levitated, floating through the doors.

I don’t remember what they looked like, or if I ever knew. I do “know” they were small, about my size. Skinny too, not human, like us.

Sometime around age thirteen or so these episodes became less frequent. As I wrote recently on my blog, it was rare when I could intentionally cause these episodes, and when they happened spontaneously, they became scary. I’d often shut down before I could leave my body.

Another event that happened frequently was the “puppet wolves,” visitations, as I called them. These events were connected somehow with the above, but also different. They weren’t the same creatures, for example. It wasn’t quite as pleasant either. And I remember some events happening during the day; still in bed, but daytime.

The fuzzy puppet wolves were very small, not more than about twenty-four inches tall. They were fuzzy/furry, gray, and reminded me of puppets. They weren’t exactly malevolent, but they were quick to be extremely mischievous, pushy, and just not as “nice” as the others. I could see these guys, and remember to this day what they looked like. The other guys, I don’t remember at all, except that they were small. The puppet wolves would gather around my bed, several of them, and they were insistent. They didn’t take no for an answer, and I’d have to go with them. I don’t remember anything other than that.

Not long ago, my husband “Joe” and I were talking about our childhood “weird” experiences; memories of the paranormal, or whatever word you want to use. Before I said anything, he began to tell me of something that happened to him sometimes when he was a kid. While he was in bed, furry gray “things” would gather around the edges of the bed, and tug at him, taking him away. (Neither of us remember where we went.)

I asked him if they reminded him in a way, of wolves; he said yes. Small nasty little wolf puppet, or stuffed animal-toy beings. He had never heard my story before.

Another synchronicity between us. When faced with all these parallel experiences, going back deep into childhood, I find that I can't ignore things like karma, or metaphysical connections, or reincarnation, or. . . something. I’m not sure what it means, but to say it doesn’t mean anything is supremely incorrect.

The Wolf as Totem
I refer to these nasty little beings as “wolves” yet they didn’t hold the wolf spirit. In fact, the wolf is my totem, and the Wolf Clan is one of the clans of the Lenepe, my grandfather’s tribe. (So I’m told.) I’ve had amazing dreams of wolves; often in connection with white wolves and teachers. I call upon Wolf often and he is my friend and guide.

But at the time, a child unfamiliar with the gift of Wolf and all its meanings, I tended to think of these persistent unpleasant creatures as wolves.

Puppet Symbolism and Invisibility
It’s interesting that I thought of these beings as puppets; that is, puppets without any people operating them. They were just empty moving “skins.” They were footless, too, no legs. A screen memory, a false impression to cover whatever was “really” there? Puppet implies that something else is behind it; that the puppet isn’t doing the thing, the person operating the puppet is in control. Whatever was behind the wolf puppets was not revealed. Or, remembered.

Invisible Aliens
In looking back over a lot of what I’ve written about aliens and odd experiences, I realize I use the term “invisible alien” a lot. I don’t recall what they looked like, these beings that came to float me out doors at night. I don’t remember parts of UFO sightings I've had; missing time. Whether these are connected or not I don’t know.

There are many layers to these kind of experiences, and I suspect symbols replace symbols that replace yet other symbols, all to make us more comfortable, to protect us, -- or us to protect ourselves -- as we try to exist in the mundane world. Our journeys into the astral/other worlds remain submerged in our subconscious. It’s been so for a very long time, as has our need to go down and retrieve these memories. Retrieve the correct memories. With each “dive” into our subconscious, we move closer to some kind of understanding.

(for example, I wrote that I had to concentrate on the yellow light underneath the bedroom door. I told my mother about these experiences, and she insisted that there was never a light on in the hall after we went to bed. I asked her, then, what light was it that I was seeing? she had no idea.)

Was my memory of the light a true one of the hall light, and it is my mother that is incorrect? Or is my mother right, and my memory of the hall light a cover memory for a very different kind of light, from a very different source?

I wonder if I’ll ever know.

Eerie Raccoon Moments

Category: Animals, screen memories, cover memories
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Date: 1980s
Is there anything to this memory of raccoons looking into our house, right at us, during the day?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Green Warty Visitations

(illustration by Brian Froud)

This was originally published on Binnall of America's website on my bi-weekly Trickster's Realm column, 12/26/05.

Category: Visitation, entities
Location: Eugene, Oregon, Lincoln St.
Date: 1980s

Here’s something that happened to me a few years ago. I was in a friend's home; he was gone, I was visiting my friend who was house sitting. The owner traveled to Mexico frequently on business; he owned a store here in Oregon, and brought back folk art, books, and ceramics to sell in his store.

As I was wandering around the home, looking at his extensive book collection, I noticed a large cape hanging on the wall. It wasn’t made of any type of cloth, but seemed waxy and stiff, with little “horns” or very large thorns, protruding from it. The cape was a lime green color. I touched it, rubbing my fingers on the smooth surface, careful of course to avoid those white yellowish stud things. I appreciated the cape for its history (whatever that may be, since I didn’t have a clue) and was drawn to it for some reason, and yet I felt uncomfortable around it at the same time.

I suddenly felt extremely tired. It was the middle of the afternoon, a beautiful day, but I had to get home -- I was just so suddenly exhausted. As soon as I got home I went straight to bed. I began to leave my body; one of those OBE states that happen to me spontaneously and that I haven’t been able to control since I was a child. I wasn’t asleep, but not awake exactly, yet I was consciousness of the bedroom, the open window, the sun coming through the screen and other mundane things. Yet I was paralyzed and rapidly leaving my body. I heard whistles and flutes; from a distance and then getting closer.

The next thing I knew I was in a deep sleep, and I remember visions of chanting and signing, the flutes and whistles again, the cape draped around someone, a man. I couldn’t see his face. We were somewhere; the desert, or some rural country area. It was night and the stars were numerous and very close to the ground; I could touch them if I just reached out far enough.

When I woke up, it was dark, and I felt as if I’d been poisoned. Not actually physically sick -- if I thought I was ill or going to die, of course I’d call 911, lol -- but I mean, I felt as if someone had given me some kind of sleeping pill or something. It took me a very long time to get back to reality. I felt sluggish and my tongue felt thick.

A couple of days later I found out that this cape from Mexico had belonged to a Shaman and was used in special ceremonies. I hadn’t mentioned this to my friend; it was the other way around. He told me that he was told that the cape was used for magical purposes that involved whistles and dancing, and was performed out in the desert, away from towns and especially the Church.


Several years ago I was sitting on the bed, reading. My husband was in the other room. I had what I call a “mind post card,” -- it’s an experience that happens every so often, where the picture, absolutely vivid 3-D, is “inserted” into my mind with a sharp suddenness. It’s as if someone had literally slid a postcard, or a slide, of an image (a moving image) into my head. I don’t know where it comes from, or why it happens. Usually it’s a telepathic thing: a preview of something that occurs later that day, or within a day or two. This time however, it wasn’t a prediction of something; it was a “visit.”

This “mind post card” was of a dirty lime-green being, with warts, or bony stubby nubs, all over his body. He had two little stubs or buttons; not horns or antlers, but the suggestion of such. I just “knew” that this being was male. It wasn’t human, but it wasn’t animal. It was maybe closer to human than not, but definitely not human. He was sitting in profile to me, squatting down actually. We were out in the desert -- or, he was. At this point it doesn’t matter; it was as if I was transported, or his whole world superimposed itself onto mine.

He “saw” me and turned his head to look at me. He slowly grinned at me, but this was no happy smiley expression! He was a nasty piece of work! It was clear he knew exactly how I was feeling, and thought it very funny, in a sadistic way. He was also a little irritated I was there -- or, he was here -- that we were in each other’s worlds.

I was so damn startled that I screamed. With that scream he popped out. And again he seemed irritated, it as if he wanted me to stick around so he could toy with me.

To this day I remember that, and it is very chilling. I don’t associate any UFO experience or connection with this (although, with all the high strangeness that often accompanies UFOs who knows) and I wouldn’t say it was alien. Not alien from another planet; not even alien from this earth. In fact, I had the sense it very much belonged here, of the earth, as much as, if not more than, humans.

NOTE: Standard Weird Experience This Really Happened Disclaimer: “This was no dream, no drug induced or alcohol related experience, and I’m not mentally ill.”

The being in the desert 'slide show presentation' took place years before the Shamanic Cape experience. Both experiences involve the desert, plants, green warty things. A connection to be sure. A connection of what, well, that’s something else!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Don't Worry, They'll Be Back . . ."

Category:UFO Sighting
Location:Los Angeles, California, Sherbourne Dr.
Date: approximately 1964

My mother liked to sit out on the front porch after the dinner dishes were done, and just have a few minutes to herself. When she did that, we knew not to go out there or bug her. One evening she calls out to us, excitedly, to come out and look at the "flying saucer." I remember everyone just teasing her, "Sure, mom," and they wouldn't even go out, but I did.

My mom was pointing to the sky, to the two story apartment building kitty corner from us. "It was right there! RIGHT there!" she said, and described it. Round, colored lights, hovering, then just disappeared. She was very disappointed, and worried she wouldn't be believed. She insisted it wasn't a plane, getting impatient with the idea she wouldn't know what a plane or helicopter looked like.

I told her: "Don't worry mom, they'll be back." I remember this incident very well, and remember saying that to her. What I don't remember saying, and my mother to this day insists I did say, was "They always come back."