Monday, March 16, 2009

Silver Spinning UFO

Category: UFO sighting, missing time, screen memory
Location: Lorane Highway, outside of Eugene, Oregon
Date: late 1980s

This is a photo of the field where Jim and I saw a silver, spinning, hovering UFO. This photo was taken a few weeks ago; the sightings occured in the late 1980s, but, considering the changes in tree lines, etc. it's still pretty accurate. In fact, while we were standing there, discussing the sighting and taking pictures, we both got very anxious.

The UFO was a dull silver color; it was very low and hovering, spinning or rotating in place. A white beam of light was coming down onto the field from the underside of the object. It was still light outside; late afternoon.

This sighting has a lot of high strangeness; missing time, screen memories or cover memories -- for example, to this day we still disagree about what the events were before and after the sighting -- and so on. The only thing we are absolutely in agreement about is the fact we saw this thing, remember it and the location, and remember commenting how very weird it was. We remember driving by, slowing down, wondering if we should stop and get out and look, and wanting to, but at the same time, being very adamant we should do no such thing. We kept driving.

The photo below is a bit silly; it's a Christmas tree ornament, and shinier than the UFO we saw. Also, the UFO we saw was more of a flattened oval, not a sphere. But you get the idea.

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