Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Open Ceiling and the Eagle

Category:Childhood Memory, dreams, animals
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: approximately 1958

The Open Ceiling and the Eagle

There was a silver suited alien on the patio at this house on Corning Street, . . but before that:

Before that, . . . I’m lying on my back in bed. I remember this as vividly as if it happened this morning; I also remember this as a “dream” but it was so damn real, I told myself afterwards it was a dream, because it doesn’t make sense that it could be real.

I’m in bed, in the middle of the bed, which is huge, though in "reality" my childhood bed wasn't huge. Flat on my back. I’m both excited -- exhilarated -- but also a bit scared, not understanding what’s going on. There’s some confusion; my father is here, and I don’t understand why. He doesn’t live with us and he wouldn’t be here at night. My father, mother and grandmother are standing in the doorway; they can't come in for some reason. They're watching, but something prevents them from coming closer.  There’s a lot of activity, but I’m in the middle of my bed, which is huge,I'm kind of spread eagled, I can’t move. I have a sense of being tied up, but I don't see anything that's tying me, but something is preventing me from moving.I feel both fantastic and a little disoriented. Lots of bright, bright lights; everything is lit up so white. I look up at the ceiling, and it opens up, opening from the center, two halves moving back to expose the nighttime sky, which is beautiful, full of inky blue and shimmering stars. I think this is a pretty neat trick. A giant eagle flies down from above; the eagle is so large, it fills the sky, fills the open ceiling. It comes down straight at me. I don’t like this too much. I’m not exactly frightened, but it’s not comfortable. The eagle takes me up into a silver disk type thing. That's all I remember...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Missing Time: Los Angeles, California

Category:Missing Time
Location:Los Angeles/West Hollywood, California
Date: Winter of 1977

My husband to be and I were walking home from Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood. We went up there a couple nights a week. It wasn't too far from his apartment that he shared with his mother and brother at the time. We almost always walked. Taking long walks at any time throughout the city was a normal, usual thing for us.

Usually the walk took us anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes. One night,it took longer than usual. We had left Barney's as usual, (and yes, we had a couple of beers. We weren't drunk by means or in any beyond our senses.) We left Barney's that night at 2:00 a.m., and arrived home at 4:00 a.m! I remember very clearly walking into the apartment, seeing what time it was, and being very shocked, yet strangely apathetic at the same time. Both my husband and I commented at how very weird it was it was suddenly 4 a.m. We agreed it was extremely odd, and yet, we were also very calm and matter of fact. Instead of talking about it, as would be expected (especially for us) we calmly went off to bed. We noticed that over an hour and a half were unaccounted for, but we didn't seem to care about it.

We woke up the next day. We both woke up at the same moment, very bright, alert, and full of energy. (very unusual for me!) We commented that we slept great. When we walked into the living room, his mother said to us "I didn't think you two were here, it's been so quiet in there!" And then: "You've been in there the whole time? It's about time you woke up!" I remember thinking that was a strange thing to say; we usually got up around ten a.m. or so. Except, we quickly found out, it wasn't ten a.m., it was four o'clock in the afternoon.

Both of us had calmly gone straight to bed after remarking calmly on the oddness of the late hour -- we'd never arrived home at four in the morning! -- and slept like rocks. I remember thinking that it was unusual I never once got up to use the bathroom or get a drink of water. And waking up so late, without that "slept too late" kind of feeling you get, in fact, full of energy.

It was after this that I started having my UFO dreams. Lots of dreams about UFOs, and being inside ships. More on those later.

My husband and I have discussed this many times. Just now, as I was writing this, he said to me that there's a "Spot in his mind" that he knows something happened on our walk home that night but he can't get to it. He said he remembers "Garages, garages lit, that go underneath (the apartment buildings) on a side street," and "Something specific happened" but what that specific thing was, he doesn't remember. Either do I, and yet, when he said "garages that go underneath on a side street" I got chills, as if some memory of mine was beginning to awaken.

Astral Realm Files: A UFO Memory?

Category: Meditation, dreams, recovered memory, paintings
Location:Santa Cruz, California and Eugene,Oregon
Date: approximately 1972 and 1998

I was meditating in my bedroom in Oregon. Not a deep state, pretty light, but definitely in that highly relaxed, open mode. For some reason, I kept looking up at the painting that was resting on top of the armoire. It was a painting I had done a few years earlier; an impressionistic landscape, all blues and a bit of green, with a hint of silver/white. A night time scene. It reminded me of the mountains and places around Santa Cruz, California, where I lived for a awhile as a teenager, with my dad.

So I'm looking at the painting, and feeling good; remembering, in particular, the time my dad, his ex-wife, my brother and sister from that marriage, all went camping by a river in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was great. We were all happy, and I remember we were all standing right by the water's edge for some reason, at night. It was very bright, and very cold, but it didn't seem to matter. I remembered that it literally seemed as if the rushing, cold water was singing. In fact, I had mentioned that, and my father had said something about how water carries sound. Yet no one else heard it.
I remember looking up at the fantastic night sky, and all the stars; it was exhilarating.

That was all a true memory. So there I am, on my bed many years later, reliving this wonderful moment that really happened. (I was practicing at the time with various types and levels of meditation; this one was on focusing on a memory, details, emotions, as real and alive as right now.) I was going into myself and occasionally looking at the painting. Back and forth.

Suddenly, as I'm back there at the river's edge, with my father and the others, and see myself looking up at the sky, the memory becomes even more real. I really am right there, and I'm intently watching a star that has my attention. I'm both me, now, and me, back then. Me, as an adult woman, and me, as a teenager. I'm in two places at once. I think to myself "I don't remember any star," and keep watching. Suddenly, the star moves! It just zips off, moves around, very fast, very bright.

This scares me. I say to myself in a panic "I don't remember anything like that!" And I'm struggling to get out of there. Then I hear a voice: it tells me I do remember that, that I know I remember that, and to go with it, not to lose it. But I can't; I get too scared and so snap myself out of it.

(image source: Picture Detail (public domain image)

Residue Haunting: Ghosts Through Dreams

Picking Up Ghosts Through Dreams

Residue Haunting
Boulder Creek, California

When I was a teenager, and off and on in my later teens/early twenties, I lived with my father, who lived in a small house in Boulder Creek, California. It was a small house, with only one bedroom; when I stayed there I slept in the bedroom, and my father slept in the living room.

I hated sleeping in the bedroom, for I’d have terrible dreams. I had them in the living room too, but they didn’t seem quite as strong. The dreams were always the same. I’d be in darkness, just wondering around, kind of lost. And I’d hear lots of chanting, like monks. There was a heavy, oppressive feeling that was very strong. Overall there was a religious feeling that was uncomfortable; I remember hearing, in the dream state, calls to Jesus to come and save and protect us.

Then I’d smell incense, overpowering, and wake up choking and coughing, the smell of incense still with me.

I mentioned it to my father, who told me a priest from the Catholic Church down the road had lived in the house for many years, and had died in the bedroom. There were some hints about suicide and illness, but I don’t know the details.

Dexter, Oregon: Triangle Sighting

Category: UFO Sighting (Triangle)
Date: August 1997

Triangle Sighting
It was still light but getting on dark, out in a rural area on three acres of land, lots of people outside at a party/gathering. A few of us were standing around talking. I look up, again, since I’m constantly sky watching no matter where I am, and out there, it’s a pretty good chance something unusual will be seen, based on past experience, and, the stories of people who live out here. This time when I looked up, I knew something wasn’t right but it took a few seconds to realize why. Then I realized, a whole hunk of sky had no stars! Instead there was a huge -- I mean HUGE -- triangle, right above us. Just “sitting” there. It was very eerie.

While it’s typical to report black triangles, this wasn’t black at all. It was almost the exact shade of surrounding sky, just a bit off. Like someone cut out a piece of construction paper in the shape of a triangle to match the sky, except they were just a shade off, and stuck it up there. A really fantastically huge triangle.

I pointed this out to everyone in the little group; all looked up. We agreed it was very weird. We also agreed it was very weird we weren’t running around, shouting “Hey! Look at this!” which seems the logical thing to do. Instead, we just stood there, watching this thing. We made a few weak jokes about missing time and checked our watches, we were aware of ourselves and the situation, even while also noticing we weren’t doing anything about it. Just stood there. There was no sound, absolutely none, coming from the craft. The triangle, as I said, was not black. There were no lights anywhere; not in the center, or the three points, or anywhere. We noticed, aside from the mild apathy and inability to move, our hearing was affected slightly. We could hear, but everything seemed distant; like cotton balls had been stuffed in our ears.

Then, without warning, just very abruptly, the triangle just took off. In a blink of an eye; just one quick, smooth, sudden movement -- gone! Vanished. Just “slid” off in an instant. No sound. No lights. Just, gone.

As soon as it was gone, we felt our usual selves again. We excitedly told others of what we’d seen; pretty much everyone there believed us, or at least thought it was interesting. The people who lived there were almost jaded; they had seen so many unusual things in the skies above their property over the years they took our sighting in stride.

However, two interesting incidents happened regarding human responses to UFO sightings. One happened at the party that night. There was one obnoxious person that heard my story; he became extremely rude; laughing at me and making all kinds of unkind comments. I asked him if he thought I was lying; he was a bit taken aback at my aggressive attitude towards his nastiness. So he decides to question my mental health; that’s always a smooth move, or insist that I’d been drinking and taking drugs. Since I was the designated driver, I hadn’t been drinking or doing anything else that would have affected my driving. So he was left with dealing with the fact a group of people just saw something very strange right above his head; and then he got downright pissed and walked away.

A year later, same place. Same group (sans one) of witnesses, same spot. I mentioned the triangle we saw the year before. I get blank looks. They don’t know what I’m talking about. I have to remind them; go through the whole thing. Describe the triangle, the jokes about missing time, the strange apathy we felt, the converstaiton we had: “Shoudln’t we run and get the others.?” “Yeah, good idea,” “Let’s call them over here,” but, no one did. We couldn’t. After all that, a couple of them remembered, sort of. “Oh yeah, that was we rid, huh?” and a couple of the witnesses didn’t remember a thing. Me, I still can’t stop thinking about it.