Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Letter P in a Triangle: Gift from the Aliens

Location: Los Angeles,California: West Hollywood
Date: approximately 1977
Category: Dreams

I had this dream during a strange time in Los Angeles. I was interested in UFOs, as with most things paranormal or Fortean, but didn't know much about those things. I hadn't recalled any conscious UFO sighting or experience at the time. And yet, looking back, there was a lot of UFO stuff going on around the edges; missing time, strange dreams like my Geisha Woman dream, etc. One dream I had involved the following:
I'm inside a spaceship. I'm not paritucalry scared, but am confused. There is the definite presence of aliens, though I can't see them. It's very important, this "meeting" and I tell them I want to remember this, bring something back. I'm handed (again by unseen beings) a pendant, of sorts. It's a triangle but with rounded corners, and a symbol that is similar to the letter P. Almost like a runic P, but not a rune.

I take the pendant back with me, but upon landing, or returning, the pendant disappears in front of me, right in my very hands. It just dematerializes.
This dream seemed very important and I remember I wrote it down at the time, complete with a sketch of the pendant. Over three decades ago, who knows what's happened to whatever journal I had at the time, and, as I said, I wasn't cognizant of abductions, the UFO phenomena in any depth, etc.