Friday, March 13, 2009

Multi-Layered Sleep Walking?

Category: dreams, astral plane, altered state, limbo, missing time
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: 1965

This incident happened when I was eleven. I woke up for school, got dressed, ate,never once realizing how weird it was no one else was up yet. I go into my mother's bedroom, where she's still asleep. I woke her up to tell her it was time to go to school. She was both very irritated and surprised. She said to me "What are you talking about?! It's four o'clock in the morning!" I insisted it wasn't; I remember looking at the clock and seeing it as 8:30, but she had to tell me a few times the real time before a shift happened in my head, and then I saw that it was the real time.

I remember this very clearly; getting up, getting dressed by the heater. We set out our uniforms the night before in front of the heater, to stay warm while we dressed. Our house was a two bedroom, one bath house, with at least five people living in it, sometimes more, depending. (other relatives, etc.) I remember getting dressed and going about everything very matter of factly, never once thinking how weird it was that no one else was up.

Sleepwalkers don't remember their excursions. I'm not sure this was sleepwalking, since I didn't have a sleepwalking problem, and I remember the whole thing quite clearly, awake the whole time. Yet looking at the clock and seeing "my" time not the real time, not at all concerned no one else was up, etc.

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