Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Don't Worry, They'll Be Back . . ."

Category:UFO Sighting
Location:Los Angeles, California, Sherbourne Dr.
Date: approximately 1964

My mother liked to sit out on the front porch after the dinner dishes were done, and just have a few minutes to herself. When she did that, we knew not to go out there or bug her. One evening she calls out to us, excitedly, to come out and look at the "flying saucer." I remember everyone just teasing her, "Sure, mom," and they wouldn't even go out, but I did.

My mom was pointing to the sky, to the two story apartment building kitty corner from us. "It was right there! RIGHT there!" she said, and described it. Round, colored lights, hovering, then just disappeared. She was very disappointed, and worried she wouldn't be believed. She insisted it wasn't a plane, getting impatient with the idea she wouldn't know what a plane or helicopter looked like.

I told her: "Don't worry mom, they'll be back." I remember this incident very well, and remember saying that to her. What I don't remember saying, and my mother to this day insists I did say, was "They always come back."

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