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Amethyst and Third Eye Meditation and Aliens on the Astral


The past few days, I've been focusing on meditating (again) using crystals, mainly amethyst. I've written before how I've had interesting encounters on this plane involving entities while using amethyst and other stones during meditative states.

I've also written about how, while I've had numerous UFO sightings -- and other paranormal or anomalous experiences -- I've never seen an alien/entity.  That's not entirely true; as a child, I had experiences with entities. None of them looked quitelike the ubiquitous gray alien that's become the cultural symbol of ET.

Here's an experience I had years ago while using crystals:
I was in a semi-trance meditative state. Awake, but very much in a light trance. I like to work with crystals and stones -- on this night, I was using a copper wand with a purple fluorite crystal at one end. Suddenly, I was aware of three grays that had come through the bedroom window. They were there, all right, but, like much of this weird realm of aliens and UFOs, if someone had walked into the room, they would not have seen the grays. I had an immediate negative reaction against them -- I did not want them here! I focused my energy and intent into the wand, and they were kept from going further into the room. They were "stuck" and very, very angry. They did not like this at all. Finally, the left, extremely pissed.  [Regan Lee; Post Menopause and the Abductors]
(About the above experience: A friend  invited me to a meeting of like minded psychics that same night I had the visitation but I didn't go. Later, after I told my friend about my experience, she told me that the woman leading the group told her: "You have a friend who was to be here tonight, but right now, she is encountering entities on the astral.")

Last night, I was meditating on my third eye, and the color and energy of amethyst. I had two amethyst clusters by my bedside, where I was sitting. I was not asleep, but very relaxed.
Behind my eyes, the usual swirls and shapes danced, but nothing specific. I wasn't trying for anything at all. Just concentrating on breathing, and amethyst energy/color. Abruptly, this came shooting by:

Photo on 8-23-18 at 10.56 AM.jpg

And I said to myself, in a reflexive reaction "Oh no." They turned to look at me as they went past. They seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see them. It was as if we met on the astral plane.
They were really there. It was a specific, graphic moment. Vividand real. I felt a  little nervous; this 'sighting ' jolted me out of my mild trance.
The drawing seems a bit cartoonish, but that's what the little aliens (or whatever they are) looked like. They sure as hell didn't feelcartoon like.  It wasn't a malevolent feeling, but not warm and fuzzy either.
I find using crystals very easy and comfortable, as well as responsive. Otherwise I wouldn't incorporate them into my practices.  There's a lot of lore as well as  metaphysical qualities surrounding amethyst; here's one aspect of the crystal:
In today’s world, Amethyst is still a remarkable stone of spirituality and contentment, known for its metaphysical abilities to still the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. Its inherent high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments, and creates a protective shield of Light around the body, allowing one to remain clear and centered while opening to spiritual direction. Amethyst stimulates the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras enhancing cognitive perception as well as accelerating the development of intuitive and psychic ability. [Crystal]

When it comes to UFO and related encounters of what we often call ET or aliens, there are many paths to explore and many ways to access information. Some researchers are impatient with the metaphysical side of UFO thought, but for some of us, it is the way it seems to work. It feels true, it feels comfortable, things happen. This is why we need use many different approaches to figuring this thing out.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Childhood memory of a past life?

cross posted at my blog The Orange Orb.

Robert McLuhan at Paranormalia writes on some reincarnation research of children's accounts of their past lives:

Paranormalia: Some Reflections on Children’s Memories: I’ve spent the past few weeks working on Ian Stevenson’s case studies of children who remember a past life. Specifically his four collections of ten or twelve cases each from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma, and Lebanon and Turkey. These case reports are much more detailed, but also less well known than those in Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation. Since they’re in the SPR library here in London I thought I’d get them out and write short summaries of as many as I can. ~ McLuhan
Very interesting. His article (very much worth reading) inspired me to comment on my own childhood experience. Regarding reincarnation -- as a literal event, or how most of us Westerners tend to perceive the concept --  has always seemed a little shaky to me. This is not to say I don't accept that reincarnation is real; I do believe that many souls reincarnate. I'm just not sure on all the particulars; how it works, how much of what we remember and experience as real is literally solid and how much is … something else. Regardless of those nuances, I do not dismiss reincarnation as being actual, I simply think I have a lot to learn, which would include the deep study of esoteric systems that I doubt I'll ever have the time to fully explore.

When I was ten or eleven, I had the following experience. (I don't know if the fact that I did a lot of sleep walking as a child, and had many UFO and "alien" experiences as well as generally odd Fortean and paranormal experiences has anything to do with the following experience. I think there's a connection in there somewhere.)
 I'm standing in the our kitchen, making peanut butter sandwiches for our lunches. Just standing there, by myself, spreading the peanut butter on the bread. I remember the kitchen is a little dim; it's quiet for once around here.    
Suddenly, I am literally plucked from the kitchen by what feels like a giant, invisible hand, and plopped down on a floor covered with straw. I am terrified -- what the hell just happened? I am suddenly two people -- me, the eleven year old from 1965, and someone else. Still me, but someone else. I "know" just know, that I am 15 years old, and this is where I work. I also just know that I work here, and live not far from here, and that it's in the 1600s. I can feel the heavy weight of the clothes I'm wearing, how hot they are! And itchy. A cream colored tight top and heavy brown skirt. I can smell everything! Feel the fire in the huge fireplace, smell the beer and straw and people . . . I am carrying a heavy wood tray full of  plates and drinks. These plates and cups are heavy and crudely made.  I'm hot and a little scared and everything is so heavy! 
This is all real, this is really happening. It's like the present day me from 1965 Los Angeles is inside of the 1600s 15 year old in England. Then, just as abruptly as before, I am "thrown back" into my kitchen in California, making sandwiches.
I was terrified! I remember thinking I had gone insane, or …I don't know, it was so damn strange and real! I left the kitchen, shaking, and just feeling so disoriented. 

True memory of a past life? All these decades later I remember this experience and it is still a very weird, vivid memory.  I have no idea if it was a true glimpse into a past life. It's possible, yes. I don't doubt it. But I can't say for sure. I don't know. (I do have a heavy dose of Celtic ancestry on both sides of my family: Scottish, English, Irish.)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NYE UFO Sighting

Eugene, Oregon

January 2014

Original post at my blog The Orange Orb. See that post for comments.

New Year's Eve UFO (?) in Eugene, Oregon

In the literal sense of the word, it was a UFO I just saw, about twenty minutes ago. I can't identify it, and have never seen anything like it before.

We were standing on our porch, watching the fireworks, right at midnight. A few minutes after midnight, the fireworks display had stopped, and through the trees across the busy street at the corner of our street, to the east, I see a very large object come towards us (moving west.) This thing which I assumed was a plane, though an odd one, was moving upwards. Cylinder shaped, with bright -- really bright -- orange lights, or more like, the whole thing was one orange light. I didn't see any other lights like a plane would have -- no red, white, etc.

Odd, and we watched it ascend, still moving west but also to the north. It suddenly became very small, and all the lights (or one light) dimmed, almost going out completely. All we could see now was a sort of grayish white light. That's when I got my binoculars. I ran inside and grabbed them off the bookcase that's right by the front door.

Through the binoculars, I could see a large, bright white light, round. This object, or plane, appeared as a single translucent white-ish blue light. It the descended, moving downwards, to the north, north west. I kept watching it until I couldn't see it anymore.

If it was something like a plane I'd love to know -- but I have never, ever seen anything like this before and it was very strange, like no plane I have ever seen.

Love to hear from anyone in the Eugene area who might have seen it, or have an idea what it was.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reindeer Bells

There are a few UFO or paranormal related experiences in my life that I haven't shared public, for a variety of reasons. Mainly, they're -- more correctly, I'm -- too embarrassed to acknowledge. Some are very personal and "embarrassing" or maybe intimate is a better word, others are almost goofy in my perceived embarrassment. And sometimes the event is something I'm not sure what to do with, regardless of embarrassment factor.

Last night, in bed, I was thinking about something that happened to me when I was a kid. I always thought it was too silly-goofy to really think about it, but it always troubled me. I must have been about five, because that's how old I was when we lived in that particular house.  The memory:

I'm in my bed, nighttime.  (This is the same bedroom where I had my "cylinder alien heater" episodes.) Suddenly I hear the bells -- jingle bells! Santa's bells! He's here! I run, very excited, to the window, and look outside. I can clearly hear the bells; sweet, tinkling, jingling bells right above me, on the roof. I stick my head out the window, trying to look up to the roof to get a glimpse of Santa and the reindeer. Nothing. But those bells! They are calling me! I'm very happy and in a waiting mode -- I know "they" (he? it? Santa?) are/is here. I just have to be patient.

Now, I've never related this story because it seems like a typical little girls innocent anticipation of Santa and Christmas magic. I have always been a little embarrassed , as an adult, that this memory has always been so damn vivid. It was real!  I wasn't dreaming, I didn't just think it happened, it did happen! So, I just put this memory into that gray basket.

But last night, with a jolt of awareness, I realized that this event didn't happen during Christmas time!  Adding to the strangeness: in the memory, I am on the second floor. I remember distinctly the night sky and the brilliant blue stars, so close I could easily touch them.  Only, we didn't have a second floor.

That familiar nudging voice appeared, that told me, with a soft little kick, that this was a cover memory, and Santa had nothing to do with the memory. Those bells were not the bells on reindeer harnesses, but something else entirely.

The memory, the feeling of this memory, has always been on the same level, the same emotional tone, as the ones involving waiting for my "invisible" little friends -- the ones who would carry me out through walls and doors and into the large tree, where I'd look up at those stars, into the rich velvet blue night, to wait . . .

Friday, October 5, 2012

A recurring dream I had as a young child. Timeframe 1959, early 1960s. Los Angeles, California.  I had lots of dreams connected to alien, non-human beings, which included being floated out through walls and doors and placed in a large tree at night. There I'd sit/wait/watch the starry night sky...

One recurring dream motif I remember has me standing outside, at night, on our block. Usually at the corner (near that large tree, that was easily three or four stories tall) which was at the corner. The tree belonged to our neighbor; we were the second house down from the corner. Waiting, outside, at night, sometimes I was with others, usually children. And up in the sky, not much higher than that tree, came the "ship." Sometimes it was a giant basket, like the ones seen with hot air balloons. But no giant balloon; just the basket and something above that, like a dome thing, some kind of machine. Other times, instead of a basket, it was an over sized bathtub. Inside the baskets, or bathtubs, were one or two people, adults, in uniforms.

I had this dream many times. Always the same: at night, alone or sometimes with others, mainly children, in front of, or near, our house. Waiting. Waiting for what I thought of as my friends -- these people in uniforms, in their floating bathtubs or baskets, were always pleased to see us. They took us away on purpose. This was a regular thing.

What that purpose was, I have no idea. That I don't remember. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Parallels: 1977 Wales Humanoid and 1959 Patio Alien

 Albert S Rosales posted this historical item of a UFO/alien/entity encounter on his Facebook page:

Albert S Rosales
Location. Near Dale Pembrokeshire Wales
Date: April 24 1977 Time: 01:00 a.m.
Mrs Pauline Coombs, 31, and her husband Billy, 36, were watching the television at their Ripperston farm when they saw at a window a silver suited figure.
One thing that struck me as interesting about this is the similarity to what I saw when I was a child. A few years ago I drew a little picture of the being:

"Patio Alien, Los Angeles California, 1959?" illustration by Regan Lee
 While there are dis-similarities:  height, and location, among others, the visual similarities are strong. (silver suit, helmet, humanoid). My creature was small, about four feet, and, while the Coombs saw their creature in 1977, in Wales, I saw mine in Los Angeles in approximately 1958 or 1959.

I'm not suggesting they are the same or even related but the visual imagery struck me when I saw Albert's post.  Click here for more from Albert Rosales on this case.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Friday, February 24, 2012

Entering the Orb: Dream of... the Orb!

Category: Dream
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Date: Feb. 24th, 2012

Just a fragment, a bare memory, but with such intensity! Last night a dream, and something about "the orb."
I was telling someone in the dream about the orb that I saw, and as I was telling her (I seem to remember it was a "her") the image of the orb in the night sky was present. I told her that the orb was a three dimensional sphere, and an actual craft/machine, intelligently controlled. Whether or not that intelligent control came from the orb itself, or was being remotely controlled, I couldn't tell. The orb, I went on to describe, was it from within. And in the dream, a new detail: I was describing the color. Orange, amber-orange (not brown amber, but...) and in the middle, a more yellow orange. All still orange. The middle lighter possibly because of the location; that's where the energy or source of it all, the engine or who knows, was emanating from.

Then the person I was speaking with told me all about her orb sighting. Pretty much sharing the same details in every way. As if we were in a hyper telepathic communication with each other; knowing what the other would say about the orb's color.
That's it. That's all I remember of the dream; don't know if there was more prior or after that "dream scene" but what I do remember was so damn vivid and held an importance of emotion to it, as dreams do.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Entering the Orb: Location Connection Dream

 Category: Dream
Location: Eugene, OR

I had the following dream last night; I'm leaving out one detail because it was about a public figure's death. (Said person is, as far as I know, very much alive.)
 I drive out to the coast, but it wasn't a place I'd been to before.  Like most dreams, this location is all mixed up. Part coast, (50 miles west) but part  south of me towards the small town of Cottage Grove, a straight shot down 1-5 from Eugene. About 25 min. away. (Cottage Grove is said to be haunted in a lot  of ways: UFOs, strange things, and in fact, I've always felt uneasy and, well, "haunted" whenever out there. That includes the outlying areas like Dorena Lake.)

I arrive at my destination. Jim is with me. We're all about UFOs,  Mothman, ghosts... lots of talk about that with others who are researchers and witnesses.  The woods are all around us. It turns into night.  I become very  nervous because I have to drive back to Eugene  but don't like to  drive at night, especially on a road I'm not used to. Jim seems to have  disappeared around this time; for some reason, I have to drive back alone.  Several of the people here accuse me of being a big  chicken and not serious about UFOs because I want to wait until morning to  drive back.  I try to make them aware that driving at night, in the dark without lights and on an unfamiliar road in an unfamiliar town is irresponsible.
It wasn't until I started writing this, sharing it with others (because of the person dying, mainly) that I realized with a jolt the Cottage Grove-orb-missing time  connection. Jim and I were coming back from Cottage Grove, at night, decades ago, when we had our orange orb sighting and missing time, dreams of being paralyzed by beams of light, etc.

Was the dream a bit of memory, a nudging from the subconscious?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Animal Legal Defense Fund 2011 U.S. Animal Protection Laws RankingsTM

Animal Legal Defense Fund 2011 U.S. Animal Protection Laws RankingsTM

Glad to see Oregon is among the states with anti-cruelty laws, still, Oregon and all other states have a long way to go.