Sunday, December 25, 2011

Animal Legal Defense Fund 2011 U.S. Animal Protection Laws RankingsTM

Animal Legal Defense Fund 2011 U.S. Animal Protection Laws RankingsTM

Glad to see Oregon is among the states with anti-cruelty laws, still, Oregon and all other states have a long way to go.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Orange Orb: Entering the Orb part 2: Decision on Regression

Second entry, over at my blog The Orange Orb:
The Orange Orb: Entering the Orb part 2: Decision on Regression

The Orange Orb: Book Project: Entering the Orb

The Orange Orb: Book Project: Entering the Orb

Jim and I decided to start a new project, and that is: regress, retrieve or somehow get at our buried memories concerning our missing time episodes. Read more at my Orange Orb blog. This is an on-going journey; I'll give updates as we go along.

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Not So Invisible Aliens

I've written in the past how my aliens are invisible; the memories of encounters come but without distinct images of the beings themselves. They are not specific. Paintings I've tried to do turn up stick figure, faceless diminutive entities, or white faced beings (mostly female) holding crescent shapes by midnight windows. In my dreams the awareness of extraterrestrials is present but nothing seen. Sometimes they're disguised, as in my Geisha Woman dream. Never any grays though. Which means either many things, or, nothing. It can mean that there aren't any such things as grays at all, they are simply figments. It can mean grays are what's being presented to us; they appear in my memories as disguised, because the "thing" that manifests as they grays are doing just that: disguising themselves. On and on, the assumptions and interpretations are endless. We can even say the grays are indeed literal; they're there because, they are there. It's all very simple: real aliens from real other planets really appearing just as they are. I like that last the best because it's easy and simple and obvious, but of course, I doubt -- very -- much it's that way at all.

So, last night, a dream about aliens that was scary and creepy. Full of violence and chaos. And a bit of an odd parallel to my husband's dream of last night. The dream:
I'm in charge of a large group of people, sort of like a work situation, in fact, we're all in a large building of some kind. It's night. I'm not sure why I'm the one in charge, I don't really want to be here or do this thing, whatever it is, but that's the way it is. For some reason, it becomes imperative I get everyone here to change into aliens. We're almost in a panic, running around rapidly trying to change ourselves into aliens. We shape shift. Some of us put on costumes, some of us just manage to somehow physically turn into the things we want to look like, but we all manage to do it and in the end, we've all actually have turned into, or become, aliens. Except we're still whoever we really are inside. All kinds of aliens, from B Movie types of monster aliens to really creepy scary types, Reptilians, etc. But none of them, not one, is anywhere close to a gray.

I have a lucid moment in the dream, where I say something like "Hey, there aren't any grays here, this is pretty weird."

We have to change our appearance like this, looking like aliens (and throughout the dream the word and concept of "alien" as in ET, was used, never "monster") because something big, and bad, and very very heavy is coming. I'm trying to keep everyone calm; it's clear it won't take much for a panic to set in.

Suddenly, without warning and very much to our shock and dismay, the real aliens arrive. There are dozens and dozens of them, and they look like us in our alien disguises, but they're bigger, badder, and, well, much more "real." We look like cheap knock-offs; they're the real deal.

And not a gray among them, and I say again "Where are the grays?"

These aliens are not happy. They are mean and aggressive and are out to do us harm. We're all running around trying to escape. It's awful. But at the same time, I manage to stand back a little, sort of outside the dream, or above it, and think how silly it is, all these aliens running around. Aliens of both varieties; them, and us in our shape shifting alien "costumes." And yet while we humans are still human and only look alien from the outside, we are also, while wearing our alien outfits, definitely alien as well. We have changed our physical bodies -- not just put on a costume we can easily remove. It took a lot of hard work to change into aliens, and it'll be hard to change back. Our spirits, or essences, are still human, but physically on every level, for now, we are alien. To other humans, we look as alien as the real aliens, only the real aliens can tell the difference. Mainly through smell.
Well, it all sounds like a  science fiction movie, and a bad one at that, but that's dreams for you. I'm not delving into the meanings of it all at the moment, but I did find it interesting that the grays continue to be elusive.