Monday, February 20, 2012

Entering the Orb: Location Connection Dream

 Category: Dream
Location: Eugene, OR

I had the following dream last night; I'm leaving out one detail because it was about a public figure's death. (Said person is, as far as I know, very much alive.)
 I drive out to the coast, but it wasn't a place I'd been to before.  Like most dreams, this location is all mixed up. Part coast, (50 miles west) but part  south of me towards the small town of Cottage Grove, a straight shot down 1-5 from Eugene. About 25 min. away. (Cottage Grove is said to be haunted in a lot  of ways: UFOs, strange things, and in fact, I've always felt uneasy and, well, "haunted" whenever out there. That includes the outlying areas like Dorena Lake.)

I arrive at my destination. Jim is with me. We're all about UFOs,  Mothman, ghosts... lots of talk about that with others who are researchers and witnesses.  The woods are all around us. It turns into night.  I become very  nervous because I have to drive back to Eugene  but don't like to  drive at night, especially on a road I'm not used to. Jim seems to have  disappeared around this time; for some reason, I have to drive back alone.  Several of the people here accuse me of being a big  chicken and not serious about UFOs because I want to wait until morning to  drive back.  I try to make them aware that driving at night, in the dark without lights and on an unfamiliar road in an unfamiliar town is irresponsible.
It wasn't until I started writing this, sharing it with others (because of the person dying, mainly) that I realized with a jolt the Cottage Grove-orb-missing time  connection. Jim and I were coming back from Cottage Grove, at night, decades ago, when we had our orange orb sighting and missing time, dreams of being paralyzed by beams of light, etc.

Was the dream a bit of memory, a nudging from the subconscious?

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